Monocacy Valley Montessori

Public Charter High School

Now accepting applications for rising 9th and 10th grade students.

Fulfills all FCPS graduation requirements

MD College and Career-Ready Standards aligned

Leadership Opportunities and Student Governing Council

Project Based Learning and Peer Group Collaborations

Community Partnerships with Field Study & Travel

 'Microeconomy' & Entrepreneurship

Montessori Secondary Curriculum

what is montessori?

The Montessori Method is based on the philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori, and incorporates hands-on materials, multi-age classrooms, and non-competitive, self-directed learning.

The Montessori Secondary curriculum provides the opportunity for adolescents to realize they are strong, worthy, and capable of effort. Montessori Secondary programs respond to the adolescent’s need to exhibit creativity, to problem solve, to take responsibility, and to claim independence. 


Maryland's First Charter School

Now in its 20th operating year, Monocacy Valley Montessori Public Charter School was the first public charter school in the State of Maryland. Each year thousands of students seek entry into our Montessori school through our online Lottery process.

Montessori High School

Beginning with the 2023-24 school year, MVMPCS will be expanding to include high school. The first class of 60 9th grade students will begin in August 2023. MVMPCS will be the first public charter high school in the State of Maryland. 

Prepared for the Future

MVMPCS's High School curriculum fulfills all FCPS graduation requirements, and provides students with unique opportunities for choice, exploration, and depth in their education. Ultimately, the programs support each student in finding a place in the community and in becoming a respectful, responsible, and ethical contributor to society. 


Now accepting applications for rising 9th and 10th grade students.

MVM High School
of Purpose

By expanding to include grades 9-12, Monocacy Valley Montessori Public Charter School will allow students to continue their education through self-directed, interest-based learning that is aligned with MD College and Career-Ready Standards and features a project-based, deeper learning model that partners with the Frederick community.

21st Century Learners

MVM High School Students will:

  1. Master core academic content
  2. Think critically & solve complex problems
  3. Work collaboratively
  4. Communicate effectively
  5. Learn how to learn
  6. Develop academic mindsets

Adapted from Deeper Learning For Every Student Every Day, by Tom Vander Ark and Carrie Schneider (2014)

Montessori Prepared Environment

Program Highlights include

  • Advisory/Mentorship
  • College & Career Planning
  • Community Partnerships
  • Field Study & Travel
  • Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Leadership Opportunities

  • 'Microeconomy' & Entrepreneurship
  • Multi-age Groupings
  • Peer Group Collaborations
  • Project Based Learning
  • Rigorous Coursework
  • Student Governing Council
  • Student Service Learning
  • Uninterrupted Work Periods

Sample High
School Day

9:00-9:30 am - Student Led Community Meeting

9:30-12:30 pm - Extended blocks of work time for deep dives into core subjects, Independent pre-lesson and post-follow-up work, Seminars, Office Hours

12:30-1:30 - Lunch

1:30-3:30 - Project-based peer collaboration, Master classes, electives, and seminars as available, Labs, Makerspaces, Community Service, Mentorships, Microeconomy

of Study

  • Spiral Curriculum – 2 year curriculum for lower and upper high school
    • Sequential (math, world languages)
    • Non-sequential coursework (test upon completion in assessed subjects)
  • Rigorous – Meets FCPS and Maryland State Learning Standards
  • Can be taken as Merit or Honors courses
  • Unweighted (4.0) or Weighted (5.0) scales
  • Standard Coursework, Different Process for Learning
  • High School Profile


Preparing for Further Academic Pursuits and the Workforce:

  • Dual enrollment options
  • Entrepreneurship 
  • Field studies
  • Intersessions
  • Service Learning

Montessori High School Visionaries
  • Clark Montessori, Cincinnati, OH - Clark Montessori holds the distinction of being the first Montessori public high school in the country. Their secondary program began in 1995 with 60 7th-grade students and continued to grow until they added their first cohort of 9th graders 4 years later.
  • School of the Woods, Houston, TX - School of the Woods opened in 1962. In 1984 it expanded to include 7th & 8th grades, and in 1999 welcomed its first 9th grade class. They expanded each year thereafter until their first graduating class in 2002. The high school was housed in a number of locations before completion of their permanent facility in 2019.

  • The Sojourner Truth School, Washington, D.C. - Sojourner Truth Public Montessori School is Washington, D.C.’s first Montessori middle and high school. The Truth School opened in 2020 with grades six through eight, and welcomed 9th year students this year (2022). They will expand one grade level each year.

  • Monocacy Valley Montessori, Frederick, MD - MVM opened its doors 20 years ago as the first charter school in the state of Maryland. We are proud to once again be in the vanguard of Montessori public education by offering the first preK through twelfth grade public Montessori school in Maryland beginning next fall.