“I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something.
And I will not let what I cannot do interfere with what I can do.”



Although MVM is a Public Charter School, it does not receive the same level of funding from the Board of Education as traditional public schools.

In fact, MVM students receive only about 75% of the PPA (Per Pupil Allotment) given to the rest of FCPS students.

Simply put, our school operates with less—less funding, less technical support, and no support of our facilities from the local Board of Education.  This allows us more operational independence, but we must count on our community to get involved in these key ways:


Give Time & Expertise

Volunteering is a valuable and vital contribution toward the continued success of our charter school. Each family is asked to log 30 hours per school year/10 hours per single parent family. If each family volunteers and logs their hours, MVM will thrive.
Volunteer Opportunities

Pledge a Donation

MVMPCS also relies on monetary donations to bridge our funding gap. We aim to raise $40,000 each year through fundraisers and direct donations. If each family makes a $250 tax deductible donation to our annual fund/$150 per single parent family), MVM will thrive.  
Pledge Your Donation
With an involved and supportive community,

MVM Thrives!

Our Goal is 100% Participation.

Fundraising Statistics
From the 2020-2021 School Year:

Fundraising Goal
Total Raised
Average Donation
Total Donations

At MVMPCS, each student, parent, teacher, and family is part of a community dedicated to educational choice, to our children, and to the future of our school.

When parents/guardians choose to send their student(s) to a Public Montessori Charter School, they become a part of a dynamic community. Fundraising, donations, and volunteer hours are critical components of this community. 

If each household contributes 30 volunteer hours and $250 (10 volunteer hours and $150 for single-parent/guardian households) annually to support our school, MVMPCS will continue to thrive. If your family simply does not have the time to give, consider increasing your donation amount. Alternately, if you are unable to contribute financially, consider offering more time. 


Family A has 1 working parent/guardian, and 1 stay-at-home parent/guardian. They find a good balance in donating the suggested amount of $250, and volunteer at least 30 hours/school year by serving on various committees and attending monthly Governing Council Meetings.

In each of the above examples, the family has fulfilled their family partnership agreement with the school and the community. 

MVMPCS recognizes and appreciates all families and their dedicated involvement, through volunteer hours and monetary donations.  Your support plays an important role in your children’s educational experience, and we couldn’t do it without you.