MVM Montessori High School Program Approved

In High School,


High School to Open Fall 2023

Dear MVM Community,

I am writing to share exciting news with you! At last night's Board of Education meeting, the BOE officially approved our charter expansion request for MVM to expand its program to include the high school grades!

This is an exciting time for MVM and I want to express my sincerest thanks to the MANY members of our community for the letters of support that were submitted to the BOE in advance of last night's meeting. Your letters showed the members of the BOE that there is widespread support and excitement for this program in our community, and I know it had an impact on their decision.

The vision of an MVM high school was presented to the community just under 1 year ago, and the level of hard work and dedication that has gone into the project to get us to this point is tremendous.

From the parent volunteers who dreamed of a Montessori high school program and presented the concept to our school to the months of research and grant writing to secure the $900,000 grant from MSDE, and then several additional months revising and working with FCPS staff to ensure every  detail was accurate, this project has been a journey.

I'm hesitant to name names in fear of overlooking contributions, but I do feel it's especially important to thank the following volunteers for their contributions (in alphabetical order!):

  • Amy Dorman - MVM Principal
  • Nichole Dowlearn - BOT Parent Trustee for MVM/MVM Parent
  • Elizabeth Landru - BOT VP for MVM/MVM Parent
  • Kathleen Lutrell - BOT Friend of Education/Former MVM Parent
  • Tori McCarthy - MVM GC Chair/MVM Parent
  • Amy Sullivan - BOT Assistant Treasurer/MVM Parent
  • Sara Sambolin - MVM Parent

In addition to the core group above, it took the support and backing from the entire MVM GC and MMCI BOT in order to successfully gain approval for an expansion of this magnitude. Thank you to everyone who has supported this project, start to finish.

I want to especially draw attention to the inclusion of Amy Dorman, MVM principal, on the list of volunteers who made this possible. Amy Dorman has dedicated an extraordinary amount of her personal time to this high school project over the past 9 months. Without the support of our principal, this dream would never have come to fruition. Thank you, Amy Dorman! We are so grateful for your leadership and passion for Montessori education.

Looking Ahead

As you may be aware, the high school program approval is contingent upon securing a new facility that can accommodate the additional student population. The MVM facilities committee is working closely with MMCI on this search, and the high school expansion opens new possibilities that did not exist previously. We have partnered with several groups who specialize in assisting charter schools with expansion and facilities, and we feel confident that we will be soon find our forever home.

Updates on our facility search are provided at our monthly GC and BOT meetings, and additional information will be shared with the community as it becomes available.

Get Involved!

As you know, our school relies on our parent volunteers to help us stretch every dollar just a little bit farther. Every volunteer hour served or dollar donated helps contribute to our bottom line.

To stay updated on the goings on at school and the decisions being made that affect your child's education, please be sure to read the updates sent by our principal, join committees that fit your skills and abilities, and attend Governing Council and Board of Trustee Meetings. If you are unable to attend, the meetings are recorded and you can watch them at your convenience. The minutes are also published for a high level summary of each meeting.

Please also consider donating to MVM. Simply put, our school operate with less—less funding, less technical support, and no support of our facilities from the local Board of Education. This allows us more operational independence, but we must count on our community to make up the difference. If each family makes a $250 tax deductible donation to our annual fund ($150 per single parent family,) MVM will thrive.

Thank you for your continued support!

Tara Dunsmore
BOT President/MVM Parent